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Help Frisian?

First of all, you should know that you’re already doing that by using this website! But there are more options! You could donate to LearnFrisian (The Frisian World organization), the money you donate will be used to keep this free website running and will create more future content. Donating can be done by clicking on the big orange button.

Another thing you can do is helping us with our “Talk Frisian To Me” T-Shirt campagne (down here are pictures). By buying a T-shirt you will create more exposure for Frisian. People will recognize it or will ask you about it and it would make the Frisian people feel (even more) proud! The T-shirt can be bought on the US, Uk and German (EU) Amazon. See linkbuttons here below:

Amazon DE (EU)Amazon USAmazon UK

P1: The Frisian girl Nynke P2: The Turkish girl Irem P3: The Frisian girl Hiske P4: The Russian girl Regina

In case you decide to buy a T-shirt, your picture is also welcome: ynfo@defryskewrald.frl