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ú â ô û ê


Ik moat
I must
Dû moatst
You must
Hy/Sy/It moat
He/She/It must
Wy moatte
We must
Jo moatte
You must
Jim moatte
You must
Sy moatte
They must

They must sleep now.
Do you need to eat something?
I must leave now.
You have to bring me.
She hast to do it.
Does it need to be finished today?
He has to go home.
Do we need to go below?
You need to try it.
You have to tell me.
She needs to go to school.
I must sleep now.
Do you need to work?
They still have to get the money from me.
You need to watch out.
It has to work.
He needs to come with us.
We need to turn right here.