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ú â ô û ê


Ik doch
I do
Dû dochst
You do
Hy/Sy/It docht
He/She/It does
Wy dogge
We do
Jo dogge
You do
Jim dogge
You do
Sy dogge
They do

I am not doing anything.
She is kind to me.
It makes me think of you.
Are you doing it for the first time?
You are doing enough for us.
We are not going to hurt you.
Is he doing it for us?
You are hurting me.
They are not doing anything about it.
You are acting a little weird.
It doesn’t do what I want.
They are doing it wrong.
Is she doing everything right?
I am not going to participate.
He does it better.
In my opinion, we are not doing it right.
Do you (pl.) ever do something wrong?
What are you doing about it?