Here I want to explain some things about the program/course ‘Better Frisian’ or ‘Better Frysk’.

Progress bar

You might have noticed already, but there is a progress bar on top of your screen. This might be different on your phone.
The progress bar is based on the Haadstikken, so please don’t get confused. This is how you can track your progress. Hope you like it!

0% Complete
0/18 Steps

If on phone

You can get to the Chapter Overview/Haadstik Oersicht by clicking on this symbol:



I advise you to start with the first Haadstik/Chapter on the list and go step for step down the list. But while doing that you don’t need to finish it all before you go on to the next Haadstik. If you had enough of a subject/Haadstik, just continue with the next and get back to it later on.
Most Haadstikken have an little explanation and/or a chart that will help you. Please use that!

To finish a lesson you need to have 80% right, which can be tricky sometimes. If the end-screen (after the lesson) tells you to continue to go on to the next lesson that means you got 80% or higher or you can check the ‘→’ in the ‘Haadstik Content’, if it’s green, then you completed the lesson.

How to use û, ê, â & ô

On a computer: hold ‘shift’ and ‘6’ together, release and then press u, e, a or o.

On a phone: hold u, e, a or o and then other options will appear on your screen.

Another possibility is to copy and paste.

Extra information *

Throughout the lessons you will come across: ‘*’
This mean that there is extra information for you to check out, click or hover on * and it will appear.

Frisian in instructions

As you might have already seen, there are Frisian words in the instructions. Like here, ‘Yntroduksje’ or ‘Tebek’.
Don’t be confused, as an English speaker you will recognize the Frisian words used in the instructions.

Audio files

One aspect of learning a language is knowing what it sounds like, that’s why almost all Frisian words and sentences have an audio file.
Please listen to it as often as you can! It will help!

How can I ask for help?

On the right hand corner at the bottom of your screen you will find a chat to contact me.
When you send me a message, I will get a notification and I will try to answer as soon as possible.
If I’m online I probably will reply immediately.
If the chat is not working for any reason, please contact me at: info@learnfrisian.com
Folle lok tawinske,