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ú â ô û ê

How do Frisian verbs work?

Can you repeat that for me?
You (pl.) breathe through your nose.
She brushes her hair.
We live our lives.
She takes care of him
You chew on the food.
They collect mushrooms in the woods.
I smoke a cigarette from my grandmother.
We have already digested the food.
He calls his mom for help.
She feeds her dog.
She washes her clothes in the washing machine.

She trusts me.
We miss her.
I sent her a message.
Yesterday we hired/rented a boat.
We meant it.
He hears a weird noise.
He told an old story.
She called my name just now.
She recognized him.
We have learned a lot from you.
We fled abroad.
You adapt well to new situations.