~ No, you don’t need one, but it’s recommended when you want to save your progress.
~ You need an account in order to participate in the leaderboard(De Wrâld League), because your awarded points will be displayed in the leaderboard. The number one will sit on the throne as you can see on the leaderboard page. There is also a leaderboard for your Streak, which you earn by logging in each day.
~ Yes, all the LearnFrisian programs are free to use and it will remain like that. We want to teach you a language. We are not here to make money.
~ Yes, unfortunately you do, perhaps this will change in the future.
~ Unfortunately there is no LearnFrisian app (yet), but we’ll work on it. You can use LearnFrisian on your mobile phone.
~ Yes, comparing to other languages Frisian is easy. Frisian doesn’t have a lot of grammar. Only the spoken part can be tricky.
~ This question is difficult to answer, but let’s say that native speakers could understand some words here and there. Reading would probaly be easier than hearing. Old-Frisian would even be easier.
~ Yes, they were.
~ We understand the confusion, but Frisian is not Dutch at all. Unfortunately it has a lot of Dutch influences, but fact is that Frisian is way older than Dutch. If one of those two would be a dialect, Dutch would be the dialect of Frisian.
~ That’s hard to track down, but one thing for sure, it is before Christ (BC)
~ Of course that would be Old-Frisian, but that’s kinda dead, so I suggest we should talk about a spoken version. As far we know it would be the (west) Frisian taught here on this website. Sater Frisian is also a good candidate.
(West) Frisian: Around 400.000
Sater Frisian: Around 1.000

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