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Frisian Dialects

There are many dialects in Friesland (NL) and here you can see a comparison of the two most spoken dialects. Wâldfrysk (Woodfrisian) and Klaaifrysk (Clayfrisian). Not only are there a difference in vocabulary and pronunciations, there are also differences in ways of thinking and their outlook on life. The Wâldfrisians are folk who don’t like to be in the spotlight, sound harsher and tend to be more forward. This part of Friesland, de Wâldhoeke (Woodcorner), is also known as the most roughest region of Friesland. However, there is also the Clay region. This region has more singers and writers. Clayfrisians don’t mind to be more in the spotlight. They’re also less bold and rough.

Just think of The Lord of the Rings (or The Hobbit) which has elves and wood elves.

Standard Wâldfrysk Klaaifrysk English
Hy Hy Hij He
Wy Wy Wij We
Sy Sy Sij She
My My Mij Me
By By Bij At/By
Dy Dy Dij You
Both Do You
Frij Free Frij Free
Nijs Nees Nijs News
Nij Nee Nij New
Snije Sneje Snije Cut
Krije Kreje Krije Get
Trije Treje Trije Three
Wei Wei Wei Way
Dei Dei Dei Day
Seis Seis Seis Six
Both Gjers Gers Grass
Both Saterdei Sneon Saturday
Snein Sneen Snein Sunday
Rein Reen Rein Rain
Tosk Tusk Tosk Tooth/Tusk

Note; The Wâldfrisian dialect has more a connection to English (and German) and Klaaifrisian more a connection to Dutch.