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(The Frisian World)

The organization behind LearnFrisian
After LearnFrisian was “created”, the makers got deeper in the “Frisian hole” and found out that many Frisians organizations, which should be fighting the Frisian battle, are not fighting the Frisian battle, but rather the “ego or money battle”. Like many other “good will” organizations.
Therefore The Frisian World was founded by Frisians that actually want to do something, to change something. Save their identity, history and language. LearnFrisian was the first project because other sources weren’t free, not accessible or were just simple. Next to LearnFrisian we have other projects as well:

– LearnFrisian is going to be much bigger, also different languages.
– Frisian documentaries
– Frisian series/television (De Fryske Wrâld TV, soon on youtube)
– Frisian newspaper
– Frisian games
These things mentioned above are just a few things on our list.

In case you’re learning Frisian and you want to put your skills to practice. Go ahead and have a look at our website:


Do you feel like helping after reading this? You’re welcome to do so. Down here we provide a button which takes you to the “Wanna help Frisian” Frisian page.

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