Better Frisian

The price for this program is normally €137,-, but now it is €69,- (unlimited access) The price is based on the cost, time and energy that was put into this program.

New features will be added to BetterFrisian throughout the time without any extra cost.
BetterFrisian has 19 different kind of chapters. Each chapter focuses on another aspect of the Frisian language. It takes you from A to Z. Almost each lesson starts with a little instruction, mostly with a chart. BetterFrisian is practical, it is about applying the language. The sentences used on BetterFrisian are realistic and useful in daily talks. You can follow your progress by checking the progress bar. BetterFrisian has not anything that is time related, so you can do everything on your own time.

The English used in the program is basic English (Germanic English). That means it is also easy to use for non-native English speakers.
I advise you, before you start with BetterFrisian to have gained some Frisian knowledge from LearnFrisian or another Frisian program/course, but it’s not needed. It will only make the experience easier/better.
Hoi, I’m Auke (from Friesland). The guy you can talk to whenever you have a question or problem. Also I will be the one that will give you feedback on your speech. (if you send me your recordings)

On the right hand corner of your screen you see a chat logo. When you send me a message, I will receive a notification and I will reply a soon as I can. I hope to talk to you soon!

Down here are some example lessons, but please know that this is just a part of the screen. Check the video down the lessons.

Lesson 1: Lit|Let

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Ik lit
I let
Dû litst (Pronounciation: Dû list)
You let
Hy/Sy/It lit
He/She/It lets
Wy litte
We let
Jo litte
You let
Jim litte
You let
Sy litte
They let

Lesson 3: How to tell time

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Goeie dei,

Telling time in Frisian is easy, but you still need to pay attention. Here we go:
– Write the numbers
– Use the words in the chart

Kertier (15 min)

Folle lok!

Write the time in Frisian

Lesson 1: How to make words smaller

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Goeie dei,

To make a Frisian word smaller you need to use the following rules:

1. If a word ends with m, p, f, r, i, s or w. You need to put -ke behind the word.

Example: glês -> gleske (glass -> little glass)

2. If a word ends with l, n, t or d. You need to put -tsje behind the word. Words that end with d or t already, you only need to use -sje.

Example: bêd -> bedsje (bed –> little bed).

3. If a word ends with k, ng, ch or ge. You need to put -je behind. Only words that end with ng, these need to be changed to nk + -je.

Example: seage -> seachje (saw – little saw) & wang -> wankje (cheek –> little cheek)

Mei freonlike groetnis,