Are you Frisian?

The word Frisian (Frysk) is derived from “frii” and that was given to the people whom were free. Free to do, want and think freely. Frisian means not being bounded to anything, knowing that everything can and will change. You are not bounded to your past, nor future. No strong attachments to objects, persons nor money. As a result you will have freedom, which is the core of your existence. Being Frisian is having the urge to improve, which results in a strong-minded person with a big heart. Taking care of people, listening, and being a source of trust. Honest and trustful, but also honest to yourself. You stay true to your own opinion, whatever somebody tells you. Part of being Frisian is being positive about each aspect of life. You have the courage to say what you should and to do what you must. You don’t fool yourself. Frisians don’t dream, they live. Are you free?