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LearnFrisian.com offers a free program for learning Frisian, a language spoken in Friesland, Netherlands. The website provides audio files to improve listening and speaking skills, and users can earn points by completing exercises. The site also allows users to compete with others to stay motivated and engaged in their language learning journey. LearnFrisian.com is a valuable resource for anyone looking to learn more about the Frisian language and culture.

Frisian Books

If you want to learn more about Frisian language and culture, buying Frisian books on Amazon can be a great investment. These books provide a unique window into the history, traditions, and language of the Frisian people, giving you a deeper appreciation for this fascinating region.

There are Frisian books available for all levels of learning, from beginners to more advanced readers. They can help improve your language skills and reading comprehension, while also exposing you to authentic Frisian vocabulary and grammar.

Whether you’re interested in history, culture, or language, Frisian books can be an engaging and informative way to explore this unique region. And with easy access to a wide range of titles on Amazon.com, you can easily find the books that best suit your interests and learning goals.

Closest language to English

Makes it the easiest language to learn as an English speaker.

Oldest living Germanic language

Frisian is the oldest living Germanic language.

Join a community of only 500,000 speakers

The Frisian language has around 500,000 speakers.

The coolest words and phrases

Frisian’s vowel system has some unique features that make it distinct from other Germanic languages.
Better Frisian

This is a premium program that offers comprehensive instruction in Frisian language, covering everything from the basics to advanced topics. With over 300 lessons, 2000 audio files, and more than 20 subjects, learners can expect a thorough and engaging learning experience. The program includes speech practice and assignments, which are reviewed by native speakers for accurate and personalized feedback. Learners also have access to a native speaker via WhatsApp or Telegram to ask questions and receive additional support. This program is designed to equip learners with a comprehensive understanding of Frisian language, ensuring they have the tools to communicate effectively in a variety of contexts. And much more is included in this premium program, making it an excellent investment for anyone looking to learn Frisian…

LearnFrisian, oftewel LeerFries is een online gratis programma om Fries te leren. Leer de Friese taal in het Engels of Nederlands terwijl je punten verdient en het opneemt tegen andere gebruikers Fries. Met dit Friese programma leer je veel Friese woorden, Friese uitspraken en Friese zinnen met audio.

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